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  German Government Computer Networks Attacked Japan’s FSA disciplines seven cryptocurrency exchanges over regulatory flaws
World Economic Forum creates Fintech cybersecurity consortium  
  Ghana banks asked to disclose cybersecurity policies Alex Stamos leave Facebook over information disclosure disagreement   Lawmakers propose bug bounty program for State Department  
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CEH v10
EC-Council's Biggest Leap Since The Original C|EH
ECSA v10
A Security Credential Like No Other!
  CEH Practical ECSA Practical
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  Test your limits in unearthing vulnerabilities across major operating systems, databases, and networks through a 100% Verified, Online, Live, Proctored Assessment!

Demonstrate the application of penetration testing methodology presented in the ECSA program to perform a comprehensive security audit of the organization.

  Bring 100% practicality to the training sessions and adapt professional skills that show how professional pen-testers identity the attack surface of targets.

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