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Wim Dieke, Infra/Security Architect at Fondsenbeheer Nederland, Talks About the C|CISO Program

Read what he had to say on LinkedIn:

Last week I had the opportunity to prove past and current knowledge via taking a course and exam from EC-Council, which is the only cybersecurity credentialing body that certifies C-level executives. The Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) training program was a full week of looking into governance, strategic planning, budgeting, and risk management.

I decided to become a C|CISO because attaining an industry-recognized certification not only opens doors on another level but also shows your peers that you acquired knowledge and experience of a certain higher level.

Besides having the certification, taking the course also has the advantage of discussing subjects with equal peers and exchanging views on the matter. Also, having an experienced course leader helps with understanding executive concepts and strategies. The exam is tough, but with the proper experience, certainly doable.

I would recommend the C|CISO credential to members of the security community that possess the ambition to be able to become a leader in information security.

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