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Why consider a course in SOC Analysis?

“SOC Analysis” is a buzzword that is familiar to those in the cybersecurity industry. For many, this is still a new term with no proper clarity on what they do. Take a look at the career prospects of SOC and why you should pursue a career in it. A SOC team encompasses the provision of situational awareness by detecting, containment, and remediation of external threats. The SOC team also monitors applications and software for potential intrusions and determines their severity and their impact on business. Because businesses are becoming highly vulnerable to threats, the position of a SOC Analyst is becoming more crucial, dynamic and lucrative. 

Grow as a SOC Analyst 

Here is a how you can grow as a SOC Analyst – 

Level-wise Titles  Job Roles 
SOC Analyst Tier 1  Monitor and review threats
Evaluate threats based on relevancy and urgency
Notify tier 2 about the potential threats
Runs vulnerability scan
Review the assessment report
Manages security monitoring tools 
SOC Analyst Tier 2  Review threats notified by tier 1
Identify infected systems and scope of the attack
Collects data for investigation
Determine recovery process
Follow remediation 
SOC Analyst Tier 3  Reviews and discover vulnerability assessment report
Uses advanced threat intelligence techniques for threats existing in the network
Finding vulnerable entry-points
Recommends optimizing security monitoring tools 
SOC Manager  Supervises the SOC team 
Responsible for hiring of team members and their review
Develop crisis communication plans
Reviews incident reports and escalates the process
Compliance reporting and involve with audit 
Incident Handler and Response  Oversees and prioritize incident response action
Detects, analyses and contains the incidents
Comply with various legal procedures
Update management and stakeholders about the incident recovery and containment.
Conveys for special requirements of high severity incidents to the management.
Prepares, modifies and executes incident response plan 

Salary and Job Opportunities as a SOC Analyst 

The salary of SOC Analyst on an average is $71,321 yearly. Ranging from $50k to $97k per annum. While the salary of SOC Manager on an average is $100k yearly.  

Organizations are looking for SOC Analyst who brings job-ready industrial skills so that they do not have to provide them any further training. To gain industrial skills and get through with the selection process, an individual should have a certification from a recognized cybersecurity institute. 

EC-Council is a pioneer in providing cybersecurity certifications and is one of the largest credentialing companies in the world. The Certified SOC Analyst (C|SA) is a specialized program from the ECCouncil which covers the fundamentals of SOC operations. 

5 reasons why you should consider C|SA program- 

  1. It is 100% compliant with the NICE 2.0 Framework under the ‘Protect and Defend’ category.
  2. It focuses on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions that cover incident detection at different levels. The program also provides enhanced incident detection with threat intelligence. 
  3. It promotes hands-on learning as on various SOC processes with 22 dedicated labs. 
  4. It emphasizes an insightful understanding of SOC overflow. 
  5. It covers both incident handling and threat intelligence subjects so that the SOC Analysts upgrade themselves in their field of interest. 


Q. Why is SOC needed?
A. Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized unit dealing with high-quality IT security operations. It works as the first line of defense. The team is responsible for detecting cybersecurity threats and preventing incidents from happening.

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Q. What does a SOC do?
A. The SOC team identifies possible threats and incidents. After this, they analyze and investigate them to find the appropriate solutions. Here are their key responsibilities – Responsibilities of a SOC
Q. What is the role of SOC Analyst?
A. A SOC team will have three levels of SOC analysts who perform different roles in succeeding to each other.

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