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Why CCNA Certified Professionals Should Join Blue Team Cybersecurity Squads

Did you know that damages related to cybercrimes worldwide has been projected to touch $6 trillion in 2021 [1]? This damage is just one of the downsides of upgrading technologies and adopting new work cultures worldwide. As a result, IT and software professionals are under pressure to add Blue Team cybersecurity and network defense skills to their resume.

Blue Team security is all about network defense and protecting IT infrastructures against malicious attacks. Many professionals working as network and IT Admin prove to be a natural fit for this role because they already know most of the tools of the trade. If you are a CCNA certified professional working in these roles, Blue Team network security will be a perfect choice for you to progress in this career path.

How Blue Team Security Certifications Help CCNA Certified Network Administrators

A CCNA certified network administrator has many skills that help them progress further as a network security officer. For example, as a network administrator, you already understand how to manage network devices, assemble tools, and observe data flow within the system. A network security certification or a Blue Team cybersecurity certification will elevate these skills. Post completion, you’ll learn about how to observe data flow and sense an impending attack. A certification of this caliber will ensure that you are not limited to CISCO-certified tools and instead get diverse knowledge from various vendors.

Certified Network Defender v2 is a leading certification program which is highly recommended by network security professionals as well as employers around the world. The course is ideal for CCNA and other certifications that network admins use for different reasons.

Why Certified Network Defender v2?

Covers Missing Aspects of CCNA Training

CCNA training is good but misses major aspects that will help network administrators in their career progression. The course only focuses on one vendor, hence limiting a network admin from working with other tools. Considering this pain point, CND v2 helps these professionals learn various tools and technologies that go beyond CISCO. A diverse number of tools means that the professional will have more job opportunities as a Blue Team security specialist.

Trains IT Professionals to Predict a Possible Attack

There are many cybersecurity courses, but CND v2 is the only one where you’ll learn about various signs that may result in a possible attack. Observing user behavior, data exchange, and employee communication is a great way to prevent attacks and stay ahead of hackers. As they say, to beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker!

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CND v2 is Upgraded for Modern Requirements

CND v2 is not just vendor-neutral — it also covers various emerging tools and technologies that play an important role in business operations. The certification’s latest version is designed to focus on IoT, Cloud Security, and Mobile Security so that professionals have the required knowledge when they start working. As a network defender, you should not just rely on old methods and always look out for threats from a bigger angle, which is impossible without learning about new technologies.

Blue Team cybersecurity is an emerging career choice. If you have gained enough experience as a CCNA certified network administrator, CND v2 will help you explore better career opportunities without any career constraints.




How can a network administrator get promoted?
A network administrator should continuously learn new skills because the industry keeps adding new technologies to the domain. If you are working in this role and hoping for a promotion, then the best suggestion is to consider network security certification and learn cybersecurity skills. Professionals are in demand and you will get to hone your network admin skills in a much better job profile.
Are CCNA and MCSE certifications going away?
While MCSE certification has been replaced with more job role specialized certifications, CCNA is not. Certified professionals are still employed worldwide in different roles. But if a professional wishes to achieve more in his/her career, it is a better idea to start working on network defense skills and move beyond this role.
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