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When Should I Become a Certified Network Defender?

With the emergence of advanced technologies, the scope of networking doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. The Internet of Things, machine learning, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and other technologies keep the networking market buzzing and booming, but this also ensures that the existing verticals of the computer network industry stay in high demand. One of these domains includes network security. The market of the domain will keep growing with the advancing nature of cybercriminals too. The use of automated tools and destructive strategies are making organizations long for experts who can defend their networks with dynamic strategies. For this, a Certified Network Defender (C|ND) is a credentialed professional with the required knowledge and skills.

When is the Right Time to Become a C|ND?

Not everyone wants to join the cybersecurity industry, and especially, computer network security. However, those that agree to the below-listed questions should sign up for the C|ND program.

1. Does Networking Interest You?

Networking is a broad industry on its own. But, if you are interested in learning about computer networks and the ways to secure them, then the C|ND is the best program to start your security journey with. The program is highly dedicated to computer networks and every topic is associated with its security. This training program is designed for those who enthusiastic about network defense, as the program deals with modules, such as network security controls, protocols, various devices, physical security, host security, firewall configuration, network security threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, and a lot more. This program will leave you with proper strategies to protect, detect, and respond to network-based cyberattacks.

2. Do You Want to Adapt Industrially Demanded Skills?

In today’s world, where the practical application of your knowledge is much more in demand than its mere theoretical knowledge, C|ND is the apt program for you. This program ensures that you develop skills that are required by industrial leaders. From every possible technical skill to a few other important soft skills, you will be able to transform your existing knowledge into dozens of highly demanded skillsets.

3. Are You Looking for A Credible Professional Portfolio?

C|ND is a trusted program not only because of the credibility that EC-Council has earned over the years but also because of the fact that the entire program is a baseline program by the Department of Defense, particularly for the job roles relevant to system/network administrators. Its exam challenges you in every possible way to prove that you have what it takes to become a C|ND. The professional credibility that this training program offers you can take your security career to great heights.

4. Do You Love the Thought of Connecting with Experts of the Industry?

EC-Council brings the brilliant minds of the industry to deliver network security knowledge through real-life experiences. These experts are handpicked based on their long-time commitment to the domain. These trainers need to fit in the defined criteria, which demand a minimum of the specified years of experience. They need to have not just the required technical skills but other major soft skills to deal patiently with all the attendees of the program. They are well-versed with all the modules of the program, keeping you engaged and curious to learn more.

5. Are You Trying to Score a Better Job Opportunity?

Being in accordance with the global job roles and responsibilities, the program opens doors to a variety of job opportunities for its credential holders. The training content of the program covers everything that a network defender should know to perform their daily tasks.

6. Are You Looking for Attractive Salary Trends?

The C|ND brings in exciting salary packages for you. The average salary for cyber network defender professionals is US$67,600 and can increase based on the specialization. If you have specialized knowledge, then you will be able to earn more than other professionals belonging to the same status as yours [1].

7. Do You Have Interest in Hoping Through Ranks?

If you are someone with high aspirations and always look forward to better opportunities, then C|ND can make it easy for you. A credible certification can enable a better job role in your preferred domain. It is always advised by the experts of the industry to opt for well-acclaimed certifications to hop through certain ranks in your professional career.

8. Are You Looking for a Better Future Scope?

As previously mentioned, advanced technologies make cybersecurity a mandatory for the industry. Even sophisticated cyberattacks by the cybercriminals make it important for the organizations to secure their network perimeter with defensive strategies. This is why a network defender has a better future scope than professionals from other industries.

Now, if you can relate to any of the above-stated questions, then register for the C|ND training and certifying program. It is more like a one-source platform for all your worries.



[1] https://www.simplyhired.com/salaries-k-cyber-network-defender-jobs.html

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