When Is the Best Time to Enter the Cybersecurity Industry?

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As a job seeker, if you are looking for a job role that gives you security, a competitive salary, and an option to work in various industries, cybersecurity is the right place.

The world is digitally connected, and the growing dependency on digital solutions makes us more susceptible to cyber threats. Besides phishing attacks, cyber threats now encompass market manipulation, infrastructure distortion, cyber espionage, and much more that impact businesses to a great extent. Threats, such as WannaCry, raise the alarm on how critical the impact of a cyberattack can be. State-sponsored cyberattacks are also growing at a breakneck pace. Cybersecurity is no longer a technical risk, but more of a business risk, where cyberattacks are not restricted to the financial sector but extended to industries, such as health care, e-commerce, manufacturing, and more.

Monster quoted on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the rate of growth for jobs in information security is projected at 37% from 2012 to 2022,” the growth rate is much higher than the average for all other occupations [1,2]. The ubiquity of cloud and web applications and services and the rising digital transformation is creating a crucial situation for businesses to fill many cybersecurity positions.

Data Breaches and Cyberattacks

Data breaches are growing bigger, and the hackers are getting savvier. The amount of data compromised is unfortunately on the rise. The main reason for data breaches is that enterprises are still not prepared for attacks, despite their frequent occurrence. About 88% of the companies with more than 1 million folders keep 100,000 folders accessible to employees of all levels, irrespective of their requirement [3]. Ignorance, lack of training, absence of security policy, and various reasons contribute towards the growing cybersecurity threats. Businesses require not just a process, but a skilled talent who can frame and execute the security process and policies in the interest of the business.

Heavy Demand in the Industry

Forbes Magazine estimated that the financial cost of overcoming the damage caused by cybercrime could reach $2.1 trillion globally by the end of 2019, increasing almost four times the cost of breaches in 2015 [4]. On the other hand, businesses that rely on digital services and are connected to the Internet should make protection a priority. Bigger companies are willing to pay competitive salaries for the right combination of skill and knowledge. The ever-increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals has created a skill gap in the industry.

Cybersecurity = Job Security

As the world becomes more digitally connected, data breaches and cyberattacks would be an ongoing trend. Fortune 500 companies have their major share invested in cybersecurity. The Chairman and CEO at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. stated that the giants in financial services spend roughly US$600 million each year on cybersecurity on a staff of 3,000 IT security, approximately [5]. With so many investments in the cybersecurity industry, the demand for the respective talent is ever rising and would not be a passing trend.

Take Your Passion to a New Level

Cybersecurity is open to people from various backgrounds, regardless of if you are a techie or not. The industry offers different technical and non-technical job prospects, and by acquiring a certification in the field of your interest, you can prosper in the industry.

To conclude, this window of exclusive opportunity where demand for cybersecurity talent exceeds the supply, won’t last for an infinite time. EC-Council is one of the leading credentialing bodies in the world that offers training and certification programs in various cybersecurity domains.


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