What is the need for SOC in Healthcare?

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With data security becoming a pressing issue in the healthcare industry, having a robust security operations center is the cybersecurity solution. Over the past few years, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) data breaches have been at an all-time high. Moreover, in the United States alone, cyber-attacks on the healthcare systems result in a loss of US$6.2 billion every year. Thus, making the use of SOC in healthcare very crucial.

This article will discuss the need for SOC in healthcare, why SOC in healthcare is important, and the best practices to keep in mind.

Need of SOC in Healthcare

There is no doubt that cybersecurity has become a pressing issue across all industry verticals. However, in the recent past, the healthcare industry has become more susceptible. The following are some of the reasons behind the need for SOC in healthcare.

1. Healthcare data is valuable

One of the biggest concerns with the healthcare industry is the fact that they store a huge amount of confidential and sensitive information related to patients. This type of data is very valuable in the black market. As a result, it makes patient information an attractive target for cyber-attackers. Patient data is usually used for identity theft for getting access to specialized medical services, expensive medical devices, and prescription drugs.

2. Healthcare data is critical

Another crucial reason behind the need for having SOC in healthcare is the fact that healthcare data is critical. It is because patient data can be the ultimate data between life and death. For example, mixing patients’ medication and cutting off access to life-saving wearable devices result in serious problems. It is for this reason; healthcare data is very attractive to cyber-attackers around the world.

3. State of Healthcare Technology

Another reason for the need for SOC in healthcare is the fact that most healthcare organizations do not have sufficient resources to upgrade their infrastructure and protect the confidential and sensitive information associated with their patients. Therefore, when you implement SOC in the healthcare organization, the healthcare provider becomes more competent to protect their digital assets, including patient details.

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Author: Muath Alhomoud, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), TASNEE.

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Why Is SOC in Healthcare Important?

SOC in healthcare is important because it offers a more comprehensive approach to data security. SOC in healthcare provides the healthcare provider with sufficient resources to conduct an in-depth analysis of the network. Therefore, allowing the security analyst to address any weaknesses within the system and the network.

In other words, SOC in healthcare will help the healthcare organization to develop a robust cybersecurity solution. Moreover, the healthcare provider will also be able to act quickly and comprehensively in case of a targeted cyber-attack. If anything goes wrong, SOC in healthcare will be able to figure the problems soon and thus respond accordingly to minimize the damages.

Best Practices to Keep In Mind

Not only in healthcare but in any other industry as well, SOC requires a lot of resources, time, and talent. Therefore, it is important to keep the following best practice in mind to build a SOC in healthcare.

  1. It is crucial to understand that the role of SOC in healthcare is to prevent, detect, and respond to threats. Its job is not to become a help desk for other employees.
  2. Even the top SOC talent will seem mediocre if not provided with the right tools and infrastructure to protect the network and system.
  3. Develop an incident response plan to ensure that the security operations center knows what is expected of them during the cyber-attack.
  4. Ensure that the SOC analyst in your SOC team has the right knowledge and certification to boost the productivity of the SOC team.

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Who is SOC Analyst?
A SOC analyst is someone who monitors activities on the network and protects the organization from cyber-attacks.
What is the purpose of the SOC team?e
The purpose of SOC is to monitor, prevent, detect, analyze, and respond to different kinds of cyber threats.
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