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What Is Security Operations Management?

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With the increase in the number of cyberattacks, the security teams of organizations must be vigilant at all times. In 2020, 56% of large businesses reported to have handled more than 1,000+ security alerts every day [1]. This alarming number of security alerts has created a problematic situation for the security teams as they are unable to find talented professionals to manage them. Managing these threats manually becomes a challenge and that is where the need for security operations management arises. Security operations management integrates various automation tools with human analysts to monitor and detect threats efficiently.

What Is a Security Operations Center?

A Security Operations Center is a team of skilled IT professionals who are experts in information security. The main responsibility of a SOC team is to detect, analyze, respond, and protect organizations from cyberattacks. The team comprises of security analysts, engineers, and managers.  They are the first line of defense in any organization, functioning around the clock to keep a tab on all activities and mitigate threats.

Security operations center

Security Operations Job Description – Roles and Responsibilities

Listed below are the various roles and responsibilities of a SOC cybersecurity team.

  1. Security analyst: They are at the front lines of the organization as they detect the threat, investigate it, and take timely action. Their job is to ensure that everyone is trained properly and able to perform their tasks efficiently by implementing the correct policies and procedures. They coordinate with the internal IT department and other business units and communicate information about various security measures to be taken care of.
  2. Security engineer: A security engineer can be a software or hardware professional who designs information systems while keeping a tab on various security aspects. They are the key players of the system as they develop various tools and methods for the organization to safeguard and prevents them from any probable attacks. They also work on varied tools that aid businesses to respond to attacks if they fall prey to one. A security engineer also documents the procedures, requirements, and protocols.  
  3. SOC manager: The SOC manager oversees the entire security operations team. They directly report to the CISO. Their key responsibilities are to supervise the activity of the team members, which involves hiring, training, and the assessment of staff. They develop the necessary processes, assess incident reports, and ensure the smooth implementation of communication protocols in case of a crisis. They are also responsible for creating compliance reports, assistance during audits, and keeping track of the performance of the SOC team members.
  4. CISO: The CISO has the final word on the security policies, protocols, and strategies in any organization. They are the ones who chalk out the entire security operations in the organization.

Job Scope for a SOC Cybersecurity Professional

There is a huge demand for SOC analysts in the global market. Jobs are very much available, and the pay scale is lucrative. As per Glassdoor, the average salary of a SOC analyst in the U.S. is $76,410 [2]. If this information has piqued your interest in this field, then this is a great career choice.

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