EC-Council Certified Security Specialist

Viwyaanjali Kanabathy, Associate Cybersecurity Specialist at Intellize Tech Services, Talks about the ECSS Program

Read what Viwyaanjali Kanabathy had to say on LinkedIn:

I was curious to understand how someone can penetrate a multi-million-dollar system and that curiosity led me to explore cyber security as a career. After being a part of several EC-Council training, I noticed that they were the biggest boost for my career, especially my EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (E|CSS), Certified Network Defender (C|ND), and Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) credentials. With the knowledge I gained from these training, I was able to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and types of attacks. The fact of being able to be an ethical hacker was fascinating to me, but with that title, I realized comes with a lot of responsibilities. To become one I chose the most responsible training program – C|EH.

The program taught me the need to think like a black hat hacker before we can be a defender. Now, I know how to study the attack patterns, assess the impact, and many more. Even the courseware was very helpful because it was crafted so perfectly that I understood all the key points and every topic with the provided explanation. The labs material helped me to develop all my technical skills. I got familiar with tons of tools – Wireshark, Nmap, while Netcraft became my all-time favorite.

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