EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

Vinod Jayaweera, Assistant Manager IT at Citizens Development Business Finance PLC, Talks about the ECSA Program

Read what Vinod Jayaweera had to say on LinkedIn:

When I got promoted as a firewall and system administrator, I wanted to learn more about cybersecurity to keep my organization secure. I was able to rise in my security career because of the overall knowledge I gained in information technology. I got into the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst ECSA) program for an in-depth understanding of information security and Linux. A few of attributes of ECSA definitely caught my attention, especially, iLabs (real-time virtual labs) and training content. I was glad that iLabs allowed me to acquire skills in support of the theoretical knowledge that I learned in class. The virtual labs also introduced me to the Nmap tool that I, now, use with the scripts to secure the network.

Every cybersecurity beginner should make sure that they have sound fundamental knowledge about servers, networks, Linux before jumping to the cybersecurity concepts.

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