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Vicente Delgado, Private Detective Director of information security, Talks about the EC-Council’s C|EH Credential

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A Credential Capable of Transforming Your Cybersecurity Career!

I’m a private detective with more than 20 years of research experience. I’ve been decorated on three occasions with honorable mentions by the Directorate General of Police (2014, 2016 and 2017).

To gain in-depth knowledge of information security, I opted for EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) @EC-Council. Its training material was easily accessible, completely online, and allowed anywhere training. It is well written with many examples, and its level ranges from basic cybersecurity to really complex content. Even so, the ease of reading and the easy learning curve make the preparation to finally face the credentialing exam be done in the most appropriate way. I think that being able to test the theory with the computer tools provided with the C|EH program and seeing how everything that is expressed really works in real life is the part that I liked the most.

My favorite contents were the sections dedicated to social engineering techniques, all the parts of wireless networks, and the topic dedicated to web vulnerabilities. The program was really complete, and in my view, it includes everything necessary to have a complete vision of the world of cybersecurity. It includes a large amount of theoretical information, examples, tools, and learning exercises and covers all aspects necessary to demonstrate a solid foundation in this field.

In my view, C|EH training by EC-Council is one of the most valued in the cybersecurity market at the moment. Each of their credentials provides a professional experience that can be justified in work environments. The topics are updated, the tools are useful in the scenarios that we find every day in companies, and the learning format is useful because of its possibility to study in any site. EC-Council credentials are valued in professional settings and are even requested as essential in some government and public institution contracts. And, I suggest every cybersecurity professional and even beginner add these credentials to their valuable profile.

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