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Usman Ahmed, Information Security Analyst at Rewterz, Speaks About the C|EH Certification

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I am now a Certified Ethical Hacker! The reason I took C|EH was pretty obvious since I wanted to step into InfoSec world and needed something just to kick-start my career and I believe that C|EH was the right choice due to its thorough coverage of almost all the aspects of InfoSec, their terminologies, techniques, and tools.

The topics and the depth that the courseware had was very beneficial! A couple of months ago I would’ve classified myself as a newbie in this field but after taking the course, I can easily say that I am now qualified to enter the cybersecurity industry as a trained and skilled professional.

The best part was the hands-on experience that this program offered. It showed me some great tools to play around with, clearing my head and also making me yearn for more time on the virtual lab!

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take a big leap in their career and make a good name for themselves in the field of InfoSec!

Thanks EC-Council!


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