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Top Cybersecurity White Papers of 2020

The pandemic forced most businesses to go remote. With distributed Cloud/IT networks, often unsecure and private, the threat landscape expanded. Malicious actors, both individuals and state-sponsored, had a field day, unleashing waves of cyberattacks. While we watched this unfold and helped our customers protect their business with our roster of training, consulting, and platform-as-a-service, we also worked behind the scenes with 30 of the best minds from the industry to chronicle what was happening. The result — EC-Council published over 30 cybersecurity white papers that summed up the cybersecurity landscape of 2020. We worked through several ideas ranging from defending cyberattacks, such as ransomware, social engineering, digital banking threats, to proactive cybersecurity approaches covering multiple domains, including penetration testing, disaster recovery, vulnerability assessment, digital forensics, and many more.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.

– Stephane Nappo

The list is loosely divided into four categories:

  • Combating Cyberattacks with Futuristic Approaches
  • Cybersecurity Strategies in a Post-COVID World
  • Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • Data Security

Combating Cyberattacks with Futuristic Approaches – Penetration Testing, Artificial Intelligence, Threat Intelligence, and SOC

As security threats continue to grow in frequency and severity with technological advancements, you need more than traditional methods to reduce cyber risks effectively. Advanced technologies like Machine Learning (ML), cutting-edge cybersecurity controls, the Internet of Things (IoT), and others can help shore up your defenses with the right set of preventive measures against unexpected data leaks and attacks.

Catch up:

  • Kunal Sehgal, Former Managing Director for Global Resilience Federation, shares how to identify and reduce security risks by imitating possible attack scenarios using wireless pen testing.
  • Tim Chase, Director of Field Security, Collibra, covers issues related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and how to overcome them with penetration testing methods.
  • Puneet Mehta, Chief Technologist & Principal Advisor, Global Advisory Service, SDG Corporation, explains how Artificial Intelligence can help you tackle the weakest factor in a cybersecurity chain – humans — and avoid social engineering attacks.

And many more by:

Cybersecurity Strategies in a Post-COVID World

Cybersecurity Strategies in a Post-COVID World

The dramatic effects of COVID-19 have led to shrunken budgets, forcing CISOs to come up with innovative solutions to handle security challenges. We have called upon CISOs from across the world to address this pressing issue.

Catch up:

  • Ramiro Rodrigues, Director of Security and Risk Management (CISO), Gartner, walks you through the Life of a Modern CISO, explaining how different domains call for different job responses.
  • Tom de Haan, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Drechtsteden, writes about the key security responsibilities of a CISO revolving around predicting, identifying, protecting, responding to, and recovering from cyber threats during and after unanticipated events like COVID-19.
  • Ankit Satsangi, Virtual CISO & Security Advisor, simplifies the challenges of the COVID-19 remote working model and how to mitigate them.
  • Abbas Kudrati, Chief Cybersecurity Advisor-APAC, Microsoft, talks about how to face different cybersecurity challenges ensure robust security.

Be Ready for Unanticipated Disasters with the Right Recovery Strategy and Assessments

With organizations claiming to be ready for all unexpected events, the sudden emergence of COVID-19 uncovered some preparedness gaps. For instance, organizations did not see the work from home imposition coming, which eventually gave birth to several security challenges. To assist you in your difficulties, industry practitioners have come up with brilliant white papers targeting a specific concern.

Catch up:

  • Carlos Travagini, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), FIEMG, describes how to prepare for a significant crisis beforehand by creating a Disaster Recovery Plan, considering cloud computing solutions.
  • Rishi Rajpal, Vice President – Global Security, Concentrix Corporation, clarifies how compromise assessment is an effective method to gauge how safe your information security infrastructure is.
  • Rajiv Sharma, Vice President, EXL Service, discusses the activities required to recover a business to a steady-state within an acceptable timeframe.

And several others by:

  • Rakesh Sharma, Technical Information Security Officer (TISO), Citi
  • Gabriel Mandefu, Operational Business Analyst, Tenke Fungurume Mining S.A.R.L.

Ensure Data Security with Encryption and Steganography

We have all witnessed how the adoption of encryption methodologies changed the course of data security entirely. With strategies like steganography, the factors of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information come into play, transforming events and modern computing outcomes. Take a look at what global experts of data security have to say.

Catch up:

  • Conan Bradley, Detective Sergeant, New Zealand Police, writes about the art of invisible or secret communication — steganography in detail.
  • Lopa Mudraa Basuu, Executive Director, Cyber Risk & Information Security, Sysinnova Infotech, delineates the role of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and its reflection on data privacy and risk mitigation.

Also check out other white papers helping you navigate through security awareness, career guidance, and digital forensics, written by the following industry experts:

  • Vinit Sinha, Head – Information Security, Cyber Security and Data Privacy, Pine Labs
  • Rahil Karedia, Team Lead – Threat Intelligence, Network Intelligence (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hosam Badreldin, Director, Cloud Infrastructure Strategy, Thales
  • Sumit Nigam, Executive Director, EC-Council Global Services
  • Sachin Yadav, Digital Forensic and Incident Response Lead, Big 4 Consulting Firm
  • Amit Ghodekar, Global Head Cybersecurity, Cover-More Group

In a post-COVID world, your organization requires an integrated approach to cybersecurity, one that seamlessly blends varied approaches, such as privilege escalation, vulnerability assessment, and AI-ML, to keep your data and employees safe. These white papers are but the first step to achieving this goal. Download your copy today and get started!

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