cyber threat intelligence analysts jobs

The global demand for Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts is on the rise

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cyber threat intelligence analysts jobs

The cybersecurity industry is facing a multitude of issues, from an increase in destructive cyberattacks to the consistently rising skill-gap. Organizations are now incorporating threat data feeds to help resolve the issue of increasing cyberattacks. This solution strives to detect potential risks within the infrastructure by gathering intel. However, most organizations are unclear about how to use collected data. This is where the need for Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts rises.

What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications, and action-oriented advice about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets. This intelligence can be used to inform decisions regarding the subject’s response to that menace or hazard.” – Gartner.

What does a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst do?

A Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst’s primary task is to gather information from various sources, analyze the collected data and provide actionable intel to management to improve the cybersecurity strategy.

A threat intelligence analyst collects data through Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) in different formats. One of the crucial steps in threat intelligence is analyzing the collected threat data and evaluating threat intelligence. A skilled threat intelligence analyst will also perform intensive malware analysis using reverse-engineered malware and how to pivot off it so that the origin, functionality, impact, and other potential information about the malware can be determined.

Job opportunities for Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts have vast potential in the cybersecurity industry. According to a report, the threat intelligence market will move from USD 5.3 billion in 2018 to USD 12.9 billion by 2023.

Dice lists over 29,000 Cyber Security Intelligence Analyst jobs.

LinkedIn Jobs lists over 9000 Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst jobs.

Monster U.S.A. lists over 1,000 Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst jobs.

*As of Feb 2020.

Salary of a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

According to, the average Cyber Threat Analyst salary in the United States is $109,573. The salary ranges from $98,490 to $126,510, depending on factors like certifications, education, additional skills, and experience.

How to become a Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst?

In the ever-changing threat landscape, every security team should have a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst. The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) by EC-Council can be attained on the successful completion of the training program and exam. It is a specialized program that will train you to analyze, prioritize, and combat threats that may turn into critical attacks if ignored.


What is threat intelligence in cybersecurity?

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is that stream of cybersecurity that concentrates on the collection and analysis of information about potential threats to the security of the organization. It

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How do you get into threat intelligence?
It has been noted that cybersecurity professionals generally don’t fit into a fixed mold. Thus, threat intelligence is open to all security professionals, even for those who belong to other IT and IT security domains.

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What is threat data?

Threat data is an amalgamation of malicious domains and IP addresses. It is a vague data that does not provide any reference to cyber threats. It is available in huge quantities with unarguable facts.

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