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Suhas Sainathan, Associate Software Engineer at Accenture Digital, Talks about the C|EH Program

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I am a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)[EC-Council]. Thank you Amreet Visal for being an amazing mentor. Learnt a lot during this process of completing this certification. More to come 💪

I am so fortunate that Accenture put me on a cybersecurity project.My passion and interest in cybersecurity played a vital role in getting me this job. This job is definitely exhaustive, especially during those times when pen-testing doesn’t lead to any vulnerability. Still, challenges make this job more exciting.

It was the course outline and the value of the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) that attracted me. With that, for practical learning, EC-Council has these amazing iLabs, which are real-time virtual labs. Those sessions actually helped me to acquire important technical skills. Along with that, the structure of the courseware was amazing, and I truly loved it! The entire time during this training, there was something new to learn (such as IoT hacking) even when I already a well-trained CyberSec professional. After attaining the C|EH credential, I definitely feel more confident. Topics like cybersecurity fingerprinting and tools like Burp Suite are the ones I adored the most.

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