Member Feedback on CEH and CHFI

Solly Bopape, Senior Networks Security Engineer, CIPC, Recommends the C|EH and C|HFI To All Cybersecurity Professionals

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Cyber forensic is like finding a needle in a haystack but if you burn down the haystack and try to find the needle with a magnet in the stack of ash it becomes a lot easier. EC-Council’s C|HFI provides you the magnet, but you need to bring the fuel.

I first received the coveted C|EH credential before I attempted the C|HFI. Both were excellent programs!

The C|EH provided both theoretical and practical knowledge on attack methods for current and future threats. My favorite part of the C|EH was using flaws on an unpatched windows machine to exploit them on Kali.

The instructors, for both programs, possessed a deep understanding of the courses, answering our queries with ease and even presenting the modules in an impactful manner.

I constantly recommend the C|EH, and C|HFI at all times to my peers in the cybersecurity domain, as security is imperative and the knowledge gained from these courses will assist both the professional and the organization that they work for.

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