Siddarth Laxminarayanan

Siddarth Laxminarayanan, Support Specialist at SoftwareONE, Talks about the C|EH Program

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Read what Siddarth Laxminarayanan had to say on LinkedIn:

In the Information Era, I see Cybersecurity as a basic skill for everyone who is connected to the internet and not just as a career.I wanted to ensure my Data Privacy & Also Protection of data integrity is not lost when it is stored and in transit over the internet. It was my primary drive to gain cybersecurity knowledge. In my quest, EC-Council played a vital role. Its Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) gave me the on-point knowledge on ethical hacking and information security. This training offered plenty of opportunities to learn – courseware, offline training content, theory sessions, and practice labs. And I love learning new strategies to improve security. The provided courseware really helped me to understand “how, what, and why” hackers try stealing sensitive data, even before I started the training. With this training, I got aware of how our ISP’s collect personal data and use it for commercial purpose with and without our consent.

To everyone who is in for a CyberSec career, I would recommend you to be passionate learners and incorporate professional ethics and constructive values that would help you grow as a professional and lead you to a successful career. Well, for strong foundational knowledge and skills, you can definitely go for EC-Council’s C|EH.


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