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Sherrif Issah, IT GRC Consultant at Digital Jewels Limited, Talks about the C|CISO Program

Read what Sherrif Issah had to say on LinkedIn:

I developed interest in Information Security (InfoSec), when I had to find a topic for my post-graduate thesis. I later got the opportunity to join Digital Jewels Limited, a leading IT GRC Consulting firm in Africa.

I joined EC-Council’s Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) training, because of its elaborate and comprehensive content and structure. I believed it would cover key topics and concepts in InfoSec, and it absolutely did! The training content was very insightful and cut across several topics in InfoSec. Their experienced and knowledgeable instructor (Keith Rayle), made the training very interesting. I must say, no matter your experience and knowledge in InfoSec, you will still learn something new and valuable from this training.

All the topics taught are very valuable and applicable to my day-to-day professional activities. However, domains 1 and 5 are very much essential to what I currently do. The InfoSec profession is in shortage of professionals globally; hence, there is high job security. Also, the exposure and remuneration for InfoSec professionals are quite substantial. The benefits of joining this industry cannot be over-emphasized. No matter your educational background and experience, you can excel in this industry.

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