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Shehzad KAJANI, Talks about becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker Program

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I am Shehzad Feroz Ali Kajani has done Master in Information Technology working as a Network Administrator in Melbourne city of the Australian state of Victoria, Join Student Shelter In Computers in Pakistan. Cyber Security has always my subject of interest and since the beginning of my career, I desired to educate people about the vulnerabilities that each one of us is exposed to when connected to the internet. C|EH courseware and training material is excellent and is vast enough to learn the required skills. Among the entire syllabus, few of the topics that I found interesting are foot-printing, reconnaissance, and social engineering as these techniques are applied in everyday use.

The increasing demand for cybersecurity attracted me to this industry. It’s the out-of-the-box thinking and challenging nature of cyber security that pushed me to the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). I had a great learning experience with C|EH. All the very best for Student Shelter In Computers and Sir Abbas Shahid Baqir for their Excellent job in the Cyber Security Industry. I Highly Recommend this course to any I.T. professionals who take their security serious both as an individual and for their organization they work for.

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