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Shahreza Hj. Shahril, Training Instructor at Industrial Training Institute, Talks about the C|ND certification

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In 2003, I got a new job as an IT Administrator. This job required me to maintain the networking infrastructure while monitoring computer networking security. Well, after so many years in cybersecurity, I wanted to upgrade my skills and knowledge. I thought a professional credential like the Certified Network Defender (C|ND) would justify and complement my earlier work. And it did.

As C|ND is offered by EC-Council, an international body for cybersecurity training and credentialing programs; it became my first choice. To me, it presented with an outstanding experience. It equipped me with various concepts, tools, and techniques, which literally helped me to ace the exam. This program was a complete eye-opener. It broadened my views on cybersecurity. With all that, I loved the trainer’s insights on securing firewall configuration and management.

Cybersecurity enthusiasts should gain as much professional experience as possible can. Also, developing soft skills such as customer service, sales, management, and teamwork helps. I would also suggest that you go above and beyond the classroom and formal education to prove your knowledge, through globally recognized credentials.

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