Sebastiaan Jeroen Lub

Sebastiaan Jeroen Lub, Cybersecurity & Incident Response at Carefree, Talks about his cybersecurity career path

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I have been a lawyer since 2005, and I was specialised in IT and data. Data protection and privacy wasn’t a big thing back then, but this has changed massively. I advised on the legal aspects of numerous data breaches and cybersecurity incidents throughout the years and became an expert along the way. It was something that grew on me, and clients increasingly asked me to act on high profile data breach cases. What helped me most to lift up my career was to evolve myself and keep pace with all new developments continuously. There is no time to lean back and enjoy the fruits of your labour as the next challenge and development are already knocking on the door. I was lucky enough to work with very forward-thinking clients that were far ahead of the curve.

I have done multiple EC-Council certification courses – Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI), and EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH), as law school doesn’t particularly give you a head start in cybersecurity. I wanted to understand the tech savvy people that I came across during the breaches and incidents I worked on. As a lawyer, you need to understand the technical concepts and procedures to translate this to legal concepts. CEH, CHFI, and ECIH gave me a solid foundation in cybersecurity and incident handling and empowered me to talk to engineers about vulnerabilities and attack vectors, which my clients highly appreciate.

About the EC-Council courses, they are very to the point and useful. Eric Reed is an incredibly skilful teacher and easy to listen to. I’ve applied so many things I have learned in my work now. I used CEH to understand what an attack or breach entails, CHFI to gather evidence after an incident, get my clients forensic-ready, and ECIH to understand my incident response role.

A piece of advice for people interested in cybersecurity: invest in yourself today!

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