Savannah Lazzara

Savannah Lazzara, Penetration Testing Intern at A-LIGN, Talks about the C|EH

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Read what Savannah Lazzara had to say on LinkedIn:

My interest in cybersecurity sparked when I was in high school, but I have loved computers since I was around six years old. When I started at The University of Tampa, I was majoring in International Business with a concentration in Management Information Systems. While studying that major, I was able to take my first networking class. I loved the networking course material and the challenges that came with learning the subject. After the networking class, I switched my major to Cybersecurity and started doing self-practice using Kali Linux with a peer from my class. In doing so, I eventually narrowed down my interest into the penetration testing field of cybersecurity; which helped me focus on what type of internship I wanted to strive for in the industry.

During my junior year of college, I applied to A-LIGN as an IT Audit Intern hoping to switch into their penetration testing team as I gained more experience since they were not offering Penetration Testing Intern positions. As I went through the interview process for the IT Audit Intern position, I consistently expressed my interested in penetration testing and was told there was no internships available on that team. However, once I made it to the final interview, A-LIGN discussed opening a position for me as a Penetration Testing Intern and I was able to land the job.

Getting to the position I am at today was no easy feat. I have stayed extremely disciplined with my studies in college as well as outside of school. My stepfather and brother always tell me how crucial it is to stay focused during these years, assuring me it will lead to the pathway to success.

My Experience with EC-Council Training

My initial interest in the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program began when I started my internship at A-LIGN. Many penetration testing staff possessed the same credential and emphasized the weight it holds in the industry. With A-LIGN’s support, I knew pursuing the C|EH would pave the way for my penetration testing career. EC-Council’s courseware and training materials offered a great experience. The content for the iLabs and iClass were extremely organized and gave thorough details on the topics discussed in each module. My EC-Council representative was also extremely responsive to all my queries. She even regularly checked with me if I had any issues understanding the concepts

As I went through the C|EH bootcamp modules, I found the Footprinting and Reconnaissance module to be the most useful regarding penetration testing. The tools introduced to me by EC-Council training such as theHarvester, Google Hacking, FOCA, and other miscellaneous tools for DNS are all extremely beneficial when initiating an engagement. These tools can be used to find potential attack vectors without having to interact with a client’s system.

A Word for Beginners

My advice to individuals interested in getting into cybersecurity is to network with as many people as you can. There are so many opportunities through local meetups, large conferences, or school clubs. Many people in the cybersecurity industry who understand the field are generally open to answer questions and understand some things may be confusing. In addition, it is also important for individuals to start by learning the basic concepts of information security. It becomes much harder to understand the advanced topics if the fundamentals are skipped over in the learning process. My final piece of advice is to strive to learn as much as you can but never think you must know everything in cybersecurity. The cyber-world is ever-changing, and there will always be new material to learn.

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