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Santhosh Theneri, Senior IS and VA&PT Auditor/Consultant at Digital Age Strategies Pvt Ltd, Talks About the C|EH

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EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker courseware encompassed all that is required for the certification while meeting the requirements for the job of an ethical hacker. It also paves the foundations for further studies in the field. As there are a plethora of tools for various purposes, people get confused as to which tools need to be used and where. The course material presented me with extensive lists of such tools and applications.

The course and guidance were fulfilling as real-world examples were aplenty to understand the limitations to which an ethical hacker should go to, to derive a professional opinion for the security posture of a system that he/she is assessing.

The best part of training was the real-world security audits I witnessed and/or was guided through during the course which made me industry ready. It also helped me fill the gaps between an IS audit and Cyber Security Audit.

I recommend this course as it encompasses the requirements of a security professional in that it allows one to test one’s knowledge, consolidate it, and give it a direction. It paves the foundation to explore further in the field.

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