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Sagar Bansal, Security Management Mentor, Talks about Milestones of his Cybersecurity Journey

Read what Sagar Bansal had to say on LinkedIn:

I started experimenting with technology at a young age. At 12, I developed my first (no-longer-existing) website called Techanoid Solutions. Passionately, I spent more than six months running it; posting articles and managing it daily. However, one day, hackers exploited an SQLi vulnerability in the website’s comment form and defaced it. What an experience!

Later, I started learning ethical hacking and tried to understand how I can protect my online assets from such types of attacks — instead of sinking my passions in a predicament. After being in the industry for five years, I realized that the world needs cybersecurity awareness badly, it’s something which should be like everyone’s second nature! It should come automatically; hence, from that day, I am trying my best to do whatever I can do to create a secure cyber world.

The cybersecurity community has always been a support. The community provided me with insightful advice, resources, and backed me up, whenever needed. I have seen a lot of cultures and communities but never seen something like CyberSecurity Community where people care about others too!

Beginners of the industry think that getting a “CyberSec” designation is everything in life!, but NO, certification programs play a crucial role. They introduce you to the journey! Apart from cybersecurity, I have also been a part of Management, which taught me that “it is always about Return on Investment.” Is there anything in this world that can bring 20 times ROI in a year? YES! It is the certification programs. These certifications give you new skillsets, more job opportunities, and exciting changes to grow in the industry. Certification Programs, especially EC-Council’s training, and credentialing programs, which are Accredited and Recognized globally, opens a whole new world for you!

EC-Council’s courseware is something I cannot compare with other certification authorities; it offers a different level of experience. However, if generally asked then I believe books and slides provide in-depth coverage of a lot of real-life situations, especially I like the design and graphics used which makes it so easy to sit for hours and study the provided training content.

About the training: It is excellent when it comes to certifications like EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA). I must accept that EC-Council offers the best lab training by exposing the candidate to a simulated real-time environment. Plus, I believe the EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester (L|PT) Master Methodology is terrific and hands-on. I often use this methodology as a part of my daily work schedule to manage everything. Further, the templates are good and ready to use to apply to real business any time, which saves much time!

As I have always been stating, if you want to get started in the CyberSec industry, you need to know what your end goal is. Cybersecurity is a vast industry. With no end goal in mind, you might lose your grip as a security professional. Have a clear objective and plan for at least the next five years, and do include certifications in your journey. If you are aiming for Penetration Testing career, follow EC-Council’s Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) track. The track starts with the Certified Network Defender (C|ND), then move on to Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) and C|EH (Practical), further digging deep into penetration testing with ECSA and ECSA (Practical), and at last, ask you to validate your knowledge and technical skills with L|PT (Master). This credentialing bundle is the best thing you can ever achieve!

An important thing which people usually don’t pay attention to – make sure your certifications are Accredited and well Recognized. People do well-known certifications, but when it comes to jobs, especially government jobs, they face accreditation problem. C|EH is one such excellent training program that is placed on the United States Department of Defense (DoD)’s baseline programs list, and every CyberSec aspirant should opt for it.

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