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Saeid Mousavi, Senior Information Security Analyst at Charles Schwab Talks About EC-Council’s C|EH

Read what Saeid Mousavi had to say on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ec-council-ceh-saeid-mousavi/

I have already started talking to my coworkers about the benefits of the C|EH training and how it will assist them to be better protectors of their personal lives, their corporate infrastructure and the country, but I wanted to spread the same message among my many connections as well.

I think EC-Council has put a lot of thought and effort in designing and implementing the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) credential. The material is very pertinent and gives the students the ocean wide, and at some areas, deep knowledge that’s needed to get a 1,000-foot overview of such a vast and ever-changing subject. The combination of the theoretical foundation and the class lab work gives the students the intellectual knowledge and practical touch they need to start/excel in their cybersecurity journey. I believe everybody dealing with cybersecurity, whether they are on the defending side or in PenTest/Red Teams, needs to have a good grasp of how the offenders think and operate. C|EH is a great way to get this Hacking/Offense knowledge. The topics are very relevant and the instructor I had was super committed and knowledgeable. The three-volume pictorial books we received are a great learning tool to review the topics in depth. On top of all of this, the 6 months access to the iLabs with beautifully-crafted assignments, is a phenomenal way to establish and transform the theoretical understanding of the subject to the practical, reusable techniques.

After such an awesome journey with EC-Council, I recommend that you make them your first option while searching for training and credentialing programs in Cyber-Security.

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