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Roxana Turcu, Technical Consultant at Salesforce, Talks About the C|EH

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Because most of my work experience was in a PCI environment, last year I decided to achieve my first certification in the IT Security. I was advised to start with C|EH, as, to bring the best defensive solutions, I would first need to understand the knowledge and the tools that a malicious hacker uses. For me, the C|EH program was a very good fit, as I could access the course and the labs anytime. The course is very well structured and maintained with the last available information and tools.

During the course, the most I enjoyed completing the labs and practice everything that was highlighted in each course module. Besides this, I liked the way that the trainer presented the topics and made everything more comprehensive.

The C|EH course prepared me not only to take the exam but also for the next steps in my career. The information that I accumulated during the course strengthened my knowledge that I acquired with my work experience and gave me the courage to start a career in IT Security.

I recommend the C|EH course and not only to the people that want to start their career in this field. This course is a great fit for all IT people that wants to understand, from a defensive perspective, the hacking methodology and how to protect their systems from being a target.


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