Rowland Ekhoragbon

Rowland Ekhoragbon, IT Audit Manager at The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Talks about the C|EH

Read what Rowland Ekhoragbon had to say on LinkedIn:

In the course of my career as a banking application support engineer, it dawned on me that the data stored in databases is critical for the continuity and profitability of the organization. The integrity of customers’ account balances must never be in doubt. And access to a customer’s details must be authorized. Over time, I developed an interest in learning the best practices to protect data.

Being an IT Auditor, I knew that I also needed to know and be certified in various ethical hacking methodologies. And EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program was the obvious route to achieve this. C|EH has left an impressive mark on my career, and I am thankful to EC-Council for that! Well, the C|EH courseware was excellent, and I referred to it frequently. It had a broad coverage of the domain and dealt with all the concepts in-depth. Along with that, its real-time lab environment brought in the invaluable learnings. It came with interesting tasks that helped me to acquire important skillsets. Regarding the curriculum, I realized that the program had flawless fluidity, and no concept or strategy was ignored.

Suggestion for beginners – be consistent with your learnings and keep applying your acquired skills and knowledge. #IamECCouncil

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