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Ronald Allan Pablo, Data Privacy Officer at Demand Science Team, Inc., Talks about the C|CISO

Read what Ronald Allan Pablo had to say on LinkedIn:

My first exposure to cybersecurity was when I was designated as Information Security Officer of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, a Philippine government agency administering the country’s National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) about eight years ago. To put that in context, the NHIP covers all Filipino citizens (about 100M), at that time.

I wanted to achieve the Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) credential because I wanted to learn the strategic level of cybersecurity from a senior executive’s point of view. Far too often we consider cybersecurity merely a technical or IT concern to be handled by IT personnel, but the C|CISO program helps in learning the C-level operations for the same. The supplied courseware and training materials of C|CISO was very comprehensive and informative. It has not just helped me in attaining the credential, but it is also a very practical reference for anyone managing an organization’s cybersecurity program. I distinctly remember the topic – ‘information security portfolio management,’ but I loved the chapter on ethical decision making. I genuinely believe the C|CISO program is one of a kind. In case you want to enter cybersecurity, be prepared for the new world, and never stop learning.

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