Certified Ethical Hacker

Roberto Vinciguerra, Cyber Security Analyst & Penetration Tester, Talks about the C|EH Program

Read what Roberto Vinciguerra had to say on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6595671807204827136/

I started working for private security and investigations agencies dealing with cybercrimes when I was a university student, and I continued as an advisor for private companies. I went ahead with EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) as it offered the best possibility to increase my skills, to officially certify my role as an ethical hacker, and to demonstrate my ethical values to those who don’t know me. The C|EH program was incredible! It provided me with advanced knowledge and supported me to increase my intellectual level. Its real-time labs helped me to get familiar with different tools, including Burp Suite and many others. I learned how to analyze web applications, which is one of the most important arguments for me right now.

I support EC-Council credentials because many companies yet not understand the importance of a professional who does penetration testing and security analysis. And having a credential under EC-Council’s tag helps you to grow as a CyberSec professional and clarify your positive intent. And, being a cybersecurity professional, always remember the Latin phrase “Memento Audere Semper!” that means “Remember to Always Dare!”


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