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Richard Sabo Santos, Computer Instructor at Mac Donnald training Center, Talks about the C|EH Program

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I have always been interested in computer security. Somehow, I got deviated from computers to the field of accounting. Later, I realized the importance of cybersecurity after closely following various news on hackers stealing financial information, people’s credentials, and identities. For that, I went ahead with the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). I’ve always been interested in the C|EH program because I knew it could provide me with the required knowledge. It came with thorough training material, which was very helpful for me. It had up to date information, methods, and tools to successfully learn the necessary technical skills. Well, after this positive learning experience, I am planning to go for other EC-Council programs. I am also thinking of pursuing a Master’s degree from the EC-Council University. I’m glad that C|EH helped me obtain knowledge on email protection, malware, safe browsing, and much more.

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