EC-Council Certified Incident Handler

Raul Cândido, Co-Founder of ConselhoSteampunk, Talks about the E|CIH Program

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EC-Council Certified Incident Handler

Read what Raul Cândido had to say on LinkedIn:

At first, my main interest was to become a Linux administrator, so I looked for technical courses, but soon decided to look for a degree in information security. After one of my teachers encouraged me to study digital forensics, I started looking for relevant courses.

I took EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH) because of the correlation of various subjects such as Incident Response Plan, Digital Forensics, Cyber Defense In-depth, and adequacy to current scenarios such as the cloud. As I expected, E|CIH curriculum was ideal for an expert and remain consistent till the end. Its provided training material was clear and complete. At times, it could be challenging as it combines expert knowledge but being full of examples helps in understanding it. The help of the experienced instructor that I received with this program was invaluable. With this training, I got familiar with the vast majority of tools. I believe the focus on performing specific skills and experience with various tools in real situations enabled me to build a solid knowledge base.


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