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Prasanna V Balaji, Jr. Technical Researcher & Information Security Trainer at infySEC – CyberSecurity Solutions, Talks About the C|EH

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I have been fascinated by how computers work and began exploring different hardware and software. Somewhere along the way, I stumbled upon Linux and eventually got obsesses with it. Later, I spent most of my time learning to use Linux and switched to Arch Linux during my college days. Moreover, getting to know about quantum cryptography made me feel more “noob” than ever. Thus, I decided to get into ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

To enter the industry I attained the Certified Ethical Hacker. C|EH is an entry-level certification that is mandatory for most cybersecurity jobs out here. The value of holding a C|EH certification is worth a lot and it does not stop there. C|EH opens a gate to several other certifications and an amazing career growth.

@EC-Council courseware is one of the best out there, even for people who have no idea about hacking and computer science, they could still become a security professional with the help of ECC Courseware. Nmap, Nikto, and Metasploit are few of the tools from the C|EH course that I use daily.

My advice to those out there is to just do it! Get good with the basics and start playing CTF’s and read many walkthroughs, and never forget “with great power comes great responsibility” – Be Ethical!

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