Certified Application Security Engineer

Prajwal Shetty, Technical Lead at Gemalto, Talks about the Certified Application Security Engineer

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I work in a digital security community where we have a dedicated secure software process to be performed before each delivery. I worked in security audits, and after realizing the impact of security on applications, I started learning more about it.

The holistic approach of Certified Application Security Engineer (C|ASE), which was depicted in a course summary video, caught my attention. Moreover, I was searching for a training program for a long time, the one which is dedicated to secure coding and covers all OWASP top 10. In short, I opted for C|ASE because its course content perfectly matched my requirements.

Later, when I attended this training, I was impressed with the way various cyber vulnerabilities were covered. I got to know about their impact and the cost of fixing them at different phases of the SDLC; it was a real eye-opener. I was surprised to see the neat structure of the program. Its training content had a lot of code samples and images to clarify the vulnerabilities, relevant fixes, and multiple types of cyberattacks. Its hands-on labs were also good, because of which I got to learn various tools (like Burp Suite, Fortify WebInspect, OWASP ZAP, and many others) that now helps me in security audits. Apart from that, a few of its modules were just amazing, including threat modeling, security requirements and hardening guides, and secure coding guidelines; all of which that I still use.

All the CyberSec enthusiasts should go for EC-Council training and credentialing programs as they are detailed in nature and serve the purpose of learning.

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