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Piotr Czopik, Security Engineer at CLICO, Talks about the C|EH Master Program

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Right after graduation, I started my first IT job in a company where I was responsible for antivirus solutions. Then I gained knowledge of firewalls and IPS systems. I have always been curious to learn bypass the security products. Later, I worked with great security experts and learned a lot. Plus, it was the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) which helped me to gain offensive and defensive perspectives. To attain the credential, you need to have solid knowledge across various topics of ethical hacking and information security.

The C|EH (Practical) is another brilliant credential that one should definitely go for. EC-Council always try keeping their training material up-to-date. Network scanning, enumeration, and vulnerability scanning are a few of the strongest modules. I use all these techniques almost every day. For exploitation process, pay closer attention to Metaspoilt coverage. To become a great security specialist, knowledge of various security aspects is essential. And keep your knowledge updated. To become a good security specialist, you need to have a solid knowledge across multiple security aspects. So do not focus just on one specific thing but try to learn how things are connected to each other and how they interact. Never stop learning.

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