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Philip Hung Cao, Key- founder and Advisor at Cloud Security Alliance, Vietnam Chapter Talks about the C|CISO

Read what Philip Hung Cao had to say on LinkedIn:

In my career recently, I worked with lots of CISOs and Security Management professionals. So, when I saw a CISO dedicated program from EC-Council, the Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO); it right away got my attention. The program attracted me as I really wanted to learn how to think like a CISO, not only to support them but also with the hope that I can become one, someday. C|CISO program is a set path to becoming a CISO. It helps you to gain all the required knowledge. I endorse this program because it benefitted me in many ways. It helped me to grow in my career, develop the right skill sets, and build a strong professional network (while learning).

Go for C|CISO if you really want to become a C-level InfoSec professional.

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