Petros Ntellis

Petros Ntellis, Senior IT Engineer, SIA S.p.A., Talks about his journey from IT to Information Security (with EC-Council)

Read what Petros Ntellis had to say on LinkedIn:

I started working in Information Technology 20 years ago. Things were much simpler those days. Now there are security threats everywhere. There is a great need for resources to work in the cybersecurity sector. On top of that, cybersecurity offers a promising career. So, I decided to gradually shift from classic Information Technology to Information Security & Cybersecurity, using the knowledge and experience from past years and adding new knowledge and skills. It was my determination, hard work, a lot of studying, and a lot more practicing that helped me achieve my goals.

How the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification course helped me in career transition?
I took up CEH for its detailed knowledge and skills. It covers all aspects of real-life security threats to information systems. It provides insight into the methods a hacker uses to attack. So, it allows cybersecurity professionals to “know their enemy.” The recognition was also a significant factor. EC-Council is well-known for its contribution to cybersecurity education, and the Certified Ethical Hacker course is respected in most public and private sector organizations around the world.

Key Features of CEH
Courseware and Training Material: They were great! High-quality material and tools that a professional can use to study and practice in real-life scenarios. They gave me the chance to learn a lot of interesting new things and gain valuable skills.

Knowledge: The content of the CEH course allowed me to identify potential security threats in every-day work. Now, I can propose or apply security measures that reduce the risk of breach and protect the information, systems and networks that people use in their daily lives.

What do you need to do for a successful career transition?
Work hard, study a lot, keep an open mind, be humble, and enjoy the journey. It is worth it! I would also recommend you take up CEH for a smooth learning journey.

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