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Paula Gutiérrez, GDPR & Cybersecurity Consultant Talks about the C|CISO Program

Read what Paula Gutiérrez had to say on LinkedIn:

Be a part of the Certified Chief Information Security Officer Course (C) CISO) taught by M2i Training was a great experience! The course material brings great value to participants and raises the perspective on managing the information security of the executive in general. The group of participants contributed their experience and collaborated with real cases, highlighting the difficulty of this new environment (Cybersecurity). The Course C CISO provides information in different domains including governance, security risk management, strategic planning, and more. We thank the teachers and the M2i Center Training for the organization and quality of the course (EC-Council). From a wide range of recommendations #Innovacyl for Security Officers and Managers who want to take the reins of their organization in terms of security and business continuity.

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