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Paresh Mishra, Teaching Assistant at Cybrary, Talks about the C|EH course

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Pave Your Way with EC-Council’s C|EH

Since my childhood, the term ‘hacking’ used to excite me the most. As I grew up and entered college, I got to know more about it. I started learning cybersecurity and practicing tools/scripts of hacking, and gradually, it became my passion. Thus, I decided to make my career in this domain only.

The global industrial recognition of Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) is well known to everyone. After I started exploring and learning about cybersecurity, attaining C|EH became a milestone for me. It is the most desired information security training and credentialing program that every InfoSec professional wants to attend and attain.

Honestly, the study material provided by EC-Council was terrific. Moreover, the way in which the instructor explained all the topics in such a short time is appreciable. She patiently explained every bit of each module and showed us the practical implementation of them.

As I always wanted to obtain the C|EH credential, yet the only thing that stopped me was my lack of self-confidence. The EC-Council instructors and councilors, along with its well-organized study kit, helped me to gain a vast amount of knowledge and skills, which eventually helped me in overcoming my fear.

I am thankful to the instructor for guiding me in the right direction and providing me the best possible mentorship. C|EH came with hundreds of tools (like BurpSuite, Nmap, Metasploit, Wireshark, and many others), which I practiced in real-time virtual labs.

My suggestion for every beginner: Stay patient and do a lot of hard work to get to a certain level. Practice, practice, and practice as much as possible. Set up a virtual environment and hack as many machines as you can. Make your basic concepts strong, read blogs and articles related to cybersecurity, and start doing CTFs (Capture the Flag). I would also recommend you get the EC-Council course material and training as it gives an in-depth understanding of the concepts, the one which you won’t get anywhere else, especially in such an organized form.

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