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Online Ethical Hacking Training: How to Go from Beginner to Advanced

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Transformation in technology has led to many exciting innovations. Gone are the days when an IT professional had to quit their job to learn a new skill. Now, they have the freedom to maintain a work-life balance and continue their learning. Online training has hit its stride, with ethical hacking training becoming one of the most popular courses being taken up by IT employees.

It’s easy to see why. Cybersecurity challenges have increased since the pandemic [1].

  • More and more organizations are focusing on strengthening their security infrastructure.
  • Employers expect their IT employees to know about cybersecurity and ethical hacking.
  • FBI and Interpol have released different data about increasing cyberattacks globally [2].
  • The last few months have seen some major cyberattacks, including one where hackers tried to poison Florida’s water supply. [3].

If you are a busy IT professional planning a job change, classroom training for an ethical hacking course will be next to impossible. Everyone has an internet connection, so choosing online certification is a wise choice. The learning experience is the same, and the added advantage of selecting a session according to your convenience makes the process smoother.

Many reputed institutes offer online learning facilities. If you are planning to take up a certification program, then here is what you should keep in mind.

Tips for Choosing the Right Ethical Hacking Training

Online learning is a relatively new concept, so chances are that you will be lost in an ocean of jargons and buzzwords when finalizing an ethical hacking course. Make things easier for yourself by shortlisting an online certification program of your choice based on a few essential pointers which will help you make your decision faster:

It Should Cover Your Interests

Ethical hacking is a broad term, and it consists of multiple niches, including penetration testing, IoT hacking, digital forensics, etc. You should list your strengths and weaknesses during research and see if the course of your choice will allow you to grow in that particular field in the future. Chances are that you will be selecting a niche part of cybersecurity as your experience grows. Shortlist the certification program that covers your strengths so that you have time to work on your weaknesses.

It Should Be in Demand for the Next Couple of Years

Expecting job security is one of the topmost priorities of IT professionals. Ethical hacking comes with this assurance, because of which it is a top career choice. Ethical hacking training is also a prerequisite for many industries, and they expect employees to know about its basics. With a specialization in this field, you will stay on the path of professional growth for many years to come.

Classroom Session Timings Should Be Flexible

Believe it or not, but the facility to choose the learning style is one of the topmost priorities among individuals planning to undergo ethical hacking training. No one wishes to be bound by “limited hours” a few years into their professional career. You should ensure that the finalized programs have flexible learning hours. Training options like iLearn by EC-Council allow students to continue their sessions without the constraints of time and location.

Testimonials Should Speak

Users typically go for testimonials and reviews when they want to confirm the authenticity of a product. Check out the to ensure that the entity is true to what they claim. Apart from the website, you should also check out third-party reviews on LinkedIn and Google.
Ethical hacking certification

New Ethical Hacking Job Opportunities Due to Changing Circumstances

The cost of cybercrime is expected to reach $6 trillion globally this year. Due to this urgency, there is an ever-growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals in different industrial sectors. The New York Times reports that there will be 3.5 million openings for cybersecurity jobs in 2021, and it will only grow beyond that.

Cybersecurity consultancies, major tech organizations, and government agencies employ the services of ethical hackers and other cybersecurity professionals to handle testing duties. Considering these advantages, it makes a lot of sense to pursue an online ethical hacking course and assure a secure career for years to come.

EC-Council’s Distant Learning Options for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv11)

When you take your online ethical hacking training with EC-Council, you get the most accommodating options, the best instructors in the industry, and the lowest prices. EC-Council courses are accompanied by exams, iLabs (where relevant), and a series of upgrade opportunities directly from the program provider — EC-Council. There are also different training options from which you can choose the most convenient mode for you.

  • iWeek (Live Online): iWeek is an instructor-led online learning experience. You can access the training regardless of your location as long as you have an internet connection.
  • iLearn (Self-Study): iLearn allows you to study at your own convenience. You’ll get all your lectures in a video format led by qualified professionals who will be present to clear all doubts.
  • MasterClass: This is an all-inclusive training program that provides the benefits of the classroom and hands-on training to attendees in a real-time environment. EC-Council MasterClass training helps applicants gain practical skills that can be used immediately.

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Can I learn ethical hacking online?
Yes, you can learn ethical hacking online. An online ethical hacking course offers you training on ethical hacking and how you can become a successful ethical hacker. You’ll be taught about reconnaissance, pen testing wireless networks, Windows hacking, protocols, and attacking web technologies, among several others.

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Is ethical hacking hard to learn?
Ethical hacking is an extremely technical job that requires expertise and perseverance. You need to have strong computer networking skills, understand various operating systems, and have a fair comprehension of programming languages.
Which certification is best for ethical hacking?
EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is the best certification course for ethical hacking across the globe. The CEH program has been developed to evaluate the baseline knowledge of cybersecurity professionals towards security risks, threats, and countermeasures through hands-on labs and lectures.


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