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Omer Al-Samarae, Cyber Security Engineer at Arion Systems, Inc., Talks About the C|EH

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As a kid, I was always attracted to the cyber world, and through practice, I eventually became a good hacker and I really enjoyed doing it for good purposes. Testing new appliances to see whether they are secure or not, and just simply downloading vulnerable VMs and exploiting them for fun was a part of what I would do.

My career took a turn when I decided to pursue certifications. They definitely helped me land the job I have always wanted as a kid, especially the Certified Ethical Hacker, which assisted me in becoming a Tier 3 Cyber Security Engineer!

The professional training and the chance to learn tools more in-depth and just to be globally recognized as a Certified Ethical Hacker is what attracted me to this program by EC-Council. I must say that it did not disappoint! It covered true, thorough, in-depth knowledge about the possible tools and scenarios you might run into in the real world.

One tool that I learned in this program and that I use on a daily basis is Nmap, which is probably by far, the most important open source tool that I tend to use every day to enumerate and initiate vulnerability check/scan.

Being in the cyber security world, you will learn new things every day. If exploring the latest and most advance technologies interests you, then cyber security is the best option to enjoy doing what you like and to live a comfortable life knowing you are a lot less vulnerable than everyone else on the internet. It is also a great way to make a living and there is no shortage of opportunities.


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