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Oana Buzianu, Security Consultant at WINTECH, Talks about the C|CISO Program

Read what Oana Buzianu had to say on LinkedIn:

My professional journey began after I became a cybersecurity engineer. It went through a great deal of autonomy and creativity, focusing on personal goals, on defining next objectives, identifying opportunities, and creating value. Well, my learnings paved the way to becoming a valuable team player. When I decided to achieve further, I directly went for the best in the industry – EC-Council’s Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) program. Before being a part of C|CISO training, I started with the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). It not only helped me build core technical skills for ethical hacking, but it broadened my perspective too. The C|CISO program was of great value! It came with interesting content, which dealt with different issues that a CISO should be aware of. One of the experts, George Dobrea, delivered this high-quality content.

I am thankful for his guidance and support, especially for his valuable lessons, not only in the specific area of the training program but also as a mentor. For me, risk management practices were the best part of the training. And, in totality, C|EH and C|CISO were two exceptional training programs that every security professional should go for.


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