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Nooryani Abdul Salim, Security Analyst at Tridium Security, Talks About the C|HFI Program

Read what Nooryani Abdul Salim had to say on LinkedIn:

Attaining the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI) credential from EC-Council was a very satisfying experience! C|HFI was the real deal for me because through it I learned so many things that have helped me enhance my knowledge and hone my skills.

Through the training session, we discussed topics like network forensics, database forensics, how to investigate email crimes, the importance of computer forensics in today’s world, data acquisition and duplication, etc. I especially enjoyed getting a thorough hands-on experience.

After such a challenging and amazing training session, I would like to recommend EC-Council’ C|HFI training and credentialing program to every security professional because this credential not only helps you learn about the digital/cyber forensic domain but also gives you the opportunity to share your experience with others!

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