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Nilson Sangy, Digital Forensics and Incident Response Analyst at Brazilian Army, Talks about the C|HFI Program

Read what Nilson Sangy had to say on LinkedIn:

Some people have asked me about #CHFI certification and how it helps me in my daily work, so I will make a brief report here:

CHFI It is a certification that has helped me a lot in my forensic analyst activities, so I recommend it to those in the area of incident investigation involving digital evidence, as expert witness, information security analysts, government officials and even lawyers who have prior knowledge in the area of information security. The courseware covers a variety of tools that can be used in an investigation, such as: The Sleuth Kit, Autopsy, FTK Imager, Wireshark, Sysinternals Kit, Nirsoft, Windows and Linux commands, file recovery tools, and many others, as well as standard operating procedures, standards and legislations, file systems, network forensics, email, cloud, mobile devices, database, web application forensics, antiforense techniques, report generation, and more. Finally, it is a vast material that assists the professional in conducting a forensic investigation in accordance with the internationally imposed requirements for such activity.

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