LaTricia Quander-Freeman, Vulnerability Management Engineer

Network Security in the Media Industry: Current Challenges and How to Resolve Them

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Author: LaTricia Quander-Freeman, Vulnerability Management Engineer.

An unprecedented number of records get accessed every year, and most professionals predict that media corporations will experience a data breach at some point. The entertainment industry is not immune to these malicious threats and it is important for companies to realize that their security needs to be foolproof. Designing a cyber-resilient infrastructure by adding multiple layers of network security to protect the integrity and confidentiality of digital content, personnel data, and critical business information is important. Self-contained networks can mitigate damages that may be caused from internal sources as a result of these data breaches. Companies face potential monetary losses when they do not implement a layered network security approach for their cyber-warfare defense systems. This paper discusses the challenges faced by the media and entertainment industry due to malicious network security hacks, including famous incidents, and measures corporations can take to prevent attacks.

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