Challenges Faced by Hotels

Network Security in the Hospitality Industry:Challenges Faced by Hotels and Restaurants

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Author: Oriyomi Fowler, Head-Information Security& Network Operations, Dangote Industries Limited.

This paper aims to emphasize the importance of network security technology in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries. The paper outlines various network security threats faced by these industries and suggests useful techniques for preventing such attacks in hotels. This study’s findings highlight the vulnerabilities in the current network systems of hotels and restaurants, showing how cybercriminals take advantage of them and gain unauthorized access to confidential data. It also indicates how hotel staff and employees lack knowledge and the necessary network security awareness training to defend such businesses from cybercriminal attacks. Finally, the paper gives an overview of what can be done, lists cybersecurity improvement recommendations, and discusses some of the changes that can be made to hotel policies to safeguard both employee and customer information from a myriad of network security threats.

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