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Natchaphon Burapanonte, Senior Cybersecurity Counselor at ACIS, Talks About the C|EH

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I started with IT-Audit and Compliance career path with interest in Hacking since I was a teenager. At first, I have no idea that my interest could turn into a daily career because, in my country, this field of work is seen as a specialty. I searched on the internet about risk and cybersecurity related to my work and found the role of a Penetration Tester. So, I decided to leave my IT-Audit path behind and to chase my dream of pursuing a cybersecurity career.

Truthfully, the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) iLearn course helped me to get the position that I am in. It helped me a lot in the interview session. More importantly, I couldn’t get this position without proper hands-on practice. I practiced by performing penetration testing in EC-Council’s iLabs and read the theory from the book to understand what I’m doing. The other things that help me to get this position is my past career in IT-Audit and Compliance that help me understand the details of “risk,” business process and soft skills to give recommendations to my client.

The reason I decided to do the C|EH is as everyone knows and with Google as proof, C|EH is the top one in the industry. I decided to register for the program because of the topics it includes, many interesting topics, although at that time, with no proper training, I had no idea what it’s was all about, but it looked very interesting and relevant. Also, the lab exercise of each topic gave me the change to practice and learn what am I doing at the same time (matching my style of learning).

The C|EH was a great experience. I learned the art of hacking, from Information Gathering to Covering Tracks. It included both the basics and advanced techniques that is very useful in real life, which I use on a daily basis. I perform my work based on the phases, step-by-step. I also use the tools taught in the course.

My advice to those interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity is to just start!! You only live once. Everyone has to start the count from zero, including myself. I started from the person who didn’t know anything, not even what “nmap” was. Now, I work as a Cybersecurity Project Manager, who magages the Cyber security project and teaches others who don’t know the security stuff 🙂

The two things that you have to do is learning and practicing and the C|EH Courseware is a great place to kickstart this path….and when you’re ready, go get a job related to it and keep learning and practicing. Then it’ll bring you to a higher level in your career!


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