Certified Ethical Hacker

Mostafa MOUMNI, Alternate Junior Security Professional at BP2I, Talks about the C|EH certification

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I got involved with cybersecurity at the age of 12. Initially, I started learning ways to secure my computer against viruses. Then I took an advanced step with the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). I opted for this program because I believed that it could offer nourishment to my existing knowledge and skills. However, then I discovered that C|EH had more to offer than I expected. After enrolling, I was sure that my C|EH credential would become my uplifting force. Though I was more impressed with the practicality of C|EH, it also had a new course structure. Its real-time virtual labs assisted me in building useful technical skills. I would never forget the tools (like Nessus, Nmap) that it introduced me to.

I’d suggest, go for an advanced training program like C|EH which can help you to gain more knowledge. This advanced knowledge then eventually helps you in grabbing better job opportunities.

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