Most Notorious Cyber Attacks of 2018

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The number of cyberattacks has been increasing every year and the count is endless. The types of cyberattacks are unique and independent without or least similarity of previous footprints. From individual’s personal information to crucial organization data, everything is at stake of the hacker. The cyber-threats threaten systems and devices that we use daily, whether our computer or laptop on which we work daily or our smartphone that we check even till we go to bed, or any other device that is connected to internet. With every app, social networking site, or website, asking us to ‘Allow’ them to access our phone’s settings or contacts, we are inviting them to exploit us and other systems or devices connected on the same network.

The year of 2018 had raised the eyebrows of security agents on the intentions of the hackers as most of the attacks were not targeted with money-motive. The attacks were crucial and even the big giants like Facebook and Amazon were affected. The Indian government also had a tough time when the confidential citizens’ data was leaked. Overall, the hackers have taught many ways of finding the vulnerabilities and exploiting them, sadly, the lessons were criminal-based.

The most notorious cyberattacks of 2018 are summarized as follows:

The cyberattacks are growing in numbers but the workforce required to combat them is still lying at the least.

U.S. employers in the private and public sectors posted an estimated 313,735 job openings for cybersecurity workers between September 2017 and August 2018. That’s in addition to the 715,000-plus cybersecurity workers currently employed around the country. [2]

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Reviewed by Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh, CEO of Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science India and Miguel Halling, President, Information Security Department, Incident Management, DLP Operations at BNY Mellon
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