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Mohit Soni, Talks about the Certified Ethical hacker Program

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As I am an IoT Developer, I always had an interest in it. Plus, cybersecurity is a booming industry. After working on various industrial automation and data processing, I understood the importance of data security. I wanted to be confident that all my projects will be protected against the intent of the cybercriminals. For that, I opted for the best training program available in the market – EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). As C|EH is a globally recognized credential; I feel amazing to be called Certified Ethical Hacker. I am now well-recognized in the industry and always respected as an achiever.

You should definitely go for C|EH because firstly, it offers limitless career opportunities. Secondly, it gives you international exposure among the CyberSec community. I’m glad that after getting certified by EC-Council, now I can be a trustworthy speaker, consultant, and trainer. It adds a reliable tag to my profile. Apart from C| EH’s success, it has terrific training content to start your cybersecurity journey. No doubt C|EH is one of the best training programs.

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