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Mohammed Farhan K N, Researcher and Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services CSP , Speaks about the ECSA Course

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Read what Farhan had to say on LinkedIn:

My experience with EC-Council’s ECSA certification was fantastic because the training material and courseware was up-to-date with the latest information including recent examples and real scenarios. The courseware is written in a way that learners will find interesting and at the same time gain knowledge.

I have chosen ECSA certification from EC-Council because it perfectly aligns with my job role. After going through EC-Council’s ECSA syllabus I understood that this is the correct certification as it will help me in enhancing my overall knowledge and skills as a security analyst. I am impressed with the knowledge that I have attained through this certification.

The slides were so amazing that it was modularised in such a way that you put a very little effort to learn more thing. I really appreciate EC-Council’s efforts on making their certification so valuable and lucrative by making experienced and beginners learn about penetration testing in such an easy way. I will definitely recommend EC-Council and their courses to all my colleagues and security professionals.

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